11th September 2020

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Wild Food Recipe: Pickled Rowan Berries

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Wild Food Recipe: Pickled Rowan Berries

Serves: Makes 1 jar

Cooks in: 20 mins

Difficulty: Easy


2lb of rowan berries, removed from stalks and frozen beforehand.
1 litre of cider vinegar
100g sugar but this is to taste, some folk enjoy the tartness of rowan others not as much.
10g sea salt.
3 tsp of spices, use whichever spices you like and have in the cupboard.


Remember to freeze the rowan berries beforehand to convert the pre-sorbic acid into the beneficial sorbic acid. Enjoy pickled rowan berries added to cheese and charcuterie boards.


1. In a large saucepan add vinegar, sugar, salt and any spices you are using together and bring to a simmer enough to incorporate the sugar and salt.

2. Take off the heat and allow to cool to just above room temperature.

3. Add your pre-frozen berries into clean and sterilised jars and pour over the pickling vinegar.

4. Allow to cool fully before placing on the lids to your jars.

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Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd is a Medical Herbalist and Forager, based in the heart of Cairngorm National Park in Scotland. Natasha has been teaching foraging and herbalism for over 15 years through guided walks, talks and workshops.

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