30th April 2020

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Three Wild Garlic Recipes

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CCatie and Zoe, the founders of Not Just a Pretty Plate, have created three exceptional wild garlic recipes.

Whether you call it wild garlic, bear’s garlic or ramsons, it’s the aroma that encapsulates the arrival of spring. Perfect for the entry-level forager, its long, tapered leaves are easily-identifiable, although you will undoubtedly smell the herb before you see it, with the headily fragranced fronds creating a scented carpet across Britain’s woodlands from early March onwards. As versatile as it is verdant and plentiful as it is piquant, we recommend grabbing by the handful and using to flavour everything from bread and butter to ravioli and risotto. The only downside? It lingers underfoot just marginally longer than it does on your breath, with the young, delicate crop subsiding by May. Simply follow your nose, and get things off the ground with our trio of fail-safe recipes that will have you honking of the good stuff from sunrise ‘til suppertime – consider it nature’s very own social distancing tool, perhaps?

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Not Just a Pretty Plate

With hearty appetites for cooking, capturing and consuming foods, Zoe and Catie co-author food blog, Not Just A Pretty Plate. Hailing from rural Northumberland, the childhood friends first began cooking as a team whilst at the University of Leeds. Both currently based in London, Zoe is a freelance food photographer and Catie works as a social media editor and copywriter.

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