27th August 2020

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The 50/50 Project with Doug Kerr

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RRight at the start of lockdown, on March 19th, we -The Good Life Society- had an idea. We knew the world was headed towards an incredibly tough time, especially for our freelance community; so we came up with an initiative to work with 50 brilliant freelancers, over 50 days, on 50 interesting, fun and -importantly- paid projects. The 50/50 Project.

We support the creative community. We are this community.

We called out to all self-employed creative powerhouses, from designers to illustrators, ceramists, videographers, poets and many more, to create some good stuff. With well over 700 applications, we were blown away by the response.

Graphic designer and Creative Director, Doug Kerr, AKA Studio Doug, was one of those very applicants.

Doug has been a good friend of The Good Life Society for many years, we knew how brilliant he is and trusted him, so our brief was simple.

We asked him to create a run of imagined Some Good Ideas products and cool stuff during our early branding of the website. It was a playful exercise that threw up a whole load of good ideas and helped team SGI visualise the brand as something tangible for the first time since its conception.

Doug knows our interests, he understood our brand identity, it’s playful, creative, colourful and illustrative style and expertly drew together these designs.

If Some Good Ideas collaborated with Land Rover, it might look a bit like this…

Do you think we should make tote bags?


A hip flask is always a GOOD idea.

Created by Doug Kerr (AKA Studio Doug) during lockdown for our 50/50 Project in collaboration with The Good Life Experience and Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages. 


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Jimmy Sandison

Jimmy Sandison is passionate about the climate, food sustainability, design, craft and equality, which makes her quite a good fit as the editor of Some Good Ideas.

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