10th June 2020

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Some Good Resources on Supporting Small Businesses: Food and Farming

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CCoronavirus has shown us how important a healthy, homegrown food supply is for all of us. This list of books, podcasts, farmers and chefs all share our values of a sustainable food system. A food system that celebrates variety, seasonality, transparency and reduces waste.


Sign the NFU food standards petition here

Chris Roberts AKA Flame Baster. Long time friend of TGLE, Chris aims to bring people together and celebrate North Wales’ finest offerings. Follow him for some mouthwatering scenes. 

A really important piece by Melissa Thompson about Black Erasure in the British Food Industry
“The erasure of Black voices in all aspects of British culture has been long-standing, yet it’s only now in sharp focus as the US burns in protest against its own endemic, systematic racism that claimed George Floyd as its latest victim. Now Black British people are standing up and addressing the same virus here. Even if it manifests day-to-day in perhaps politer, more reserved ways compared to brash America, it still ends with the devastation of deaths of Black men in custody, the Grenfell disaster that disproportionately claimed Black and minority ethnic lives, and the Windrush scandal which has resulted in yet more deaths and families broken apart.” 

The Land Army Jobs, connecting people with farmers. Much needed, and The Land Army are doing seriously important work.

Poppy Okotcha, permaculture designer and organic, no-dig grower. 

Cereal podcast series  covering why it’s important to support British organic stoneground flours and the use of ancient grains, including talks from Andrew Whitley (Tom Whitley’s father/“Godfather of Sourdough”) 

Home Cooking Samin Nosrat’s new podcast. 

Bubba Foods. If you are in London, get one of these! If not, follow them for some seriously good looking burgers.

The Biggest Little Farm, Documentary on Amazon Prime. Uplifting, beautiful and educational.

Meera Sodha. East. Amazing vegan and vegetarian recipes ‘from Bangalore to Beijing’.

Zoe Adjonyoh. Founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, serving modern West African Cuisine in London and starting Supper Clubs this year. She has been launching initiatives to feed those in Hackney, Hackney Wick and Bow who need it and have lost vital income due to the ongoing crisis. You can donate to the cause on her website. 

The Land Workers Alliance, a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land based workers working to improve access to local, healthy and affordable food. 

Campaign for local abattoirs, Sustainable Food Trust.  This campaign is attempting to bring attention to the fact that there are only 62 small red meat abattoirs left in the UK, and that in order for us to put the breaks on our food system being completely centralised and industrialised, we need to support small scale, high welfare farming which means independently owned abattoirs. 

Natural Wine For the People, engaging and insightful book on natural wine.

Holy Lama Spice Drops. Great name, great story, amazing tastes. 

Chins Kitchen. Delicious spiced biscuits from India. They are great! 

The Black Farmer. Celebrating and supporting British Farming, from Devon. You can buy his products here.

Japanese Food Made Easy. Our recent book of the week and a brilliant demystifying of Japanese cuisine.

Tom Hunt. Eating for People, Pleasure and Planet. An important and engaging book for today from a  friend of The Good Life Experience.

Zaika by Romy Gill. Possibly the best vegan recipes from India by Romy Gill, friend of The Good Life Experience.

You and I Eat the Same. Fascinating and easy to love essays on food, migration and immigration.

Farming Today podcast, new episodes about British farming every day. Short episodes, very insightful. 

Coffee Shotter Supplying fine coffee, plant-based food and drinks. Their sister business has a great resource on Black-Owned food businesses to support in London 

Aweside Farm produces edible flowers and heritage vegetables for top chefs and restaurants. Their focus is on agroecological and regenerative farming, celebrating and supporting diversity and variety in nature.

Food Heaven two best friends who love all things food. Check out their podcast too. 

Read this article about The Secret Life of Mushrooms. 

Joe Woodhouse’s instagram to get inspired to make delicious vegetarian food. 

Read The Third Plate, by Dan Barber to understand how we can go even further than farm to table eating. 


Tengu Sake. If you’re interested in sake this is the place for you; a shop, courses, online info and more.

My Wine Cellar. A small, new wine seller with a genuinely efficient and friendly service.

Buon Vino. Natural wines by the hundred.

Aberdeenshire Highland Beef. Farms highland cow beef in the Highlands.

The Artisan Grower. Micro green and organic veg producers. 

Wark Farm. Organic Farm and Organic Meat producers. 

Soliki So Woke Chocolate. Independent, bonkers, unusual, delicious.

Tillingham Wine. Truly unusual and wonderful small batch English wine. 

AllPress Coffee. A coffee brand to truly believe in. Born in New Zealand. 

Loch Fyne. Truly exceptional fish by mail order.

Great Glen Charcuterie. Amazing Scottish cured meat.

Island Social Club. Connecting people to British / Caribbean culture through food, drink and people. Based in London.

Foodchain. Connecting chefs directly with farmers, who get paid properly.

Blackwoods Cheese Company, cheese deliveries across the country.

Loggerhead Mushroom kits, grow your own oyster mushrooms at home. 

Butter Culture, handcrafted cultured butter.

Natural Born Wine, natural wine delivered across the UK.

Wunder Workshop. High quality turmeric products using adaptogenic herbs. Sourced from organic farms in Sri Lanka who pay their workers properly and respect the land. 

Gilchesters Organic flour, a family run traditional flour mill, using natural quality grains.  

Feragaia, Scotland’s first non-alcoholic spirit.

Nine Meals From Anarchy, organic vegetable stock. Stored in glass jars, making it more sustainable. 

Matugga Rum, based in West Lothian, Scotland. A UK made Rum brand made using the finest ingredients from the easterly region of Africa 

Hodmedods, British grown grains and pulses. Sustainable and supportive, we love Hodmedods.

Ren’s Pantry sells fragrant and fresh spices to chefs and home cooks. Founder, Renuka Patel also offers spice masterclasses to help people understand the purpose and effect of each spice and give people the confidence to use them correctly.

Two Fields Zakros quality olive oil from makers dedicated to nature, available for delivery.

Beluza, responsibly sourced Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients.

Chilli Chop Co. African-inspired sauce range from Essex. Wildly popular with three, simple sauces 

Halen Mon online shop, salt and other larder essentials including their delicious black garlic ketchup.

Big Deez, free-from sauces. 

Black Mountain Honey from happy bees in Nercwys and on the Hawarden Estate (soon to be Hawarden Honey)

Maggie’s Exotic Foods traditional African cuisine made in North Wales.

Good Wash Co. makes cleaning products for humans and dogs that care for skin -and fur- whilst addressing social and economic issues within communities.

Sapling Spirits plant a tree for every bottle of vodka they sell.

Brew Tea Co. 100% rolled whole tea leaves, all natural ingredients, hand packed in Manchester and the UK’s 146th certified B-Corp. Proudly stocked and served at HEFS. 

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