10th June 2020

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Some Good Resources on Supporting Small Businesses: Clothing

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WWe support ethically made clothing, clothing that lasts. Clothes that are made by people who are respected and paid properly.

Albam. An iconic, small production company that created our new Hawarden Estate Farm Shop and Pub uniform.

Kemi Telford. Colourful, confident clothes for women by one of this year’s scheduled speakers at The Good Life Experience.

Hiut Denim. Welsh denim for life. Good enough for Meghan, good enough for us.

The Trilby Pheasant. A brilliant, imaginative shop in the centre of Hawarden that specialises in women’s wear. 

Satta. Simple, functional, beautiful. A great brand to discover.

Chunk Clothing. This London based men’s clothing brand is one stop shop for brilliantly funny t-shirts. If you haven’t got one, you’ve probably had one in your cupboard over the years – without even knowing. They are and always will be my (Seamus, Head of Design at Some Good Ideas) favourite menswear brand of all time.

The Level Collective. Outdoor clothes for men and women. Considered and passionate. A friend of The Good Life Experience. 

Monty & Co. Perfect children’s clothes made in Britain. A Good Life Experience essential.

Yarmouth Oilskins. Long established, last forever clothes made in Britain. A Good Life Experience staple.

Casely Hayford. The dream for that postponed wedding. Possibly Britain’s coolest brand.

Spry Workwear. The finest women’s jumpsuits made in Britain. Part of The Good Life Experience uniform.

Roop. Handbags, made in Britain with ‘left-over’ fabrics. Hurry up, these fly. 

Community Clothing. British, stylish, affordable. 

Paynter Jackets. New cult jackets made in Portugal but conceived in Britain with genuine passion. 

Corgi. Socks. Made in Wales. What’s not to love?

Tender Stores. Natural dye, small production, complete originality. British clothing at its best.

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Jimmy Sandison

Jimmy Sandison is passionate about the climate, food sustainability, design, craft and equality, which makes her quite a good fit as the editor of Some Good Ideas.

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