10th June 2020

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Some Good Resources on Supporting Small Businesses: Art, Culture and Craft

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NNow, more than ever, small businesses need you. Please help to keep small, independent businesses alive in these difficult times.

We've compiled a no-means-complete list of exceptional small businesses we admire, many of which we've worked with over the past 30 years.

 A brand new online shop selling an extraordinary series of prints.

Grain and Knot.  Sophie is one of the originals of the contemporary wood carving world and a long term friend of the Good Life Experience. Her stuff sells quickly, so keep your eyes open.

Japanese Pottery. An independent source of some fine Japanese pottery.

The Natural Navigator. Courses, highly regarded books and excellent online courses from a world expert and friend of The Good Life Experience and Glen Dye.

Doing Death. An eloquent, practical resource that aims to get us talking about death; intelligent, approachable.

Reasons to be Cheerful. Talks, thoughts, essays with one common goal…to make us happy. From the excellent Shayler family.

The Athletic. A mature, zippy, articulate look at all things football. The future of sports writing is here.

Marcus Rashford. Campaigner and example to us all; forced a major government change of mind, started a charity…had a really good lockdown. What footballers can be.

Next Draft. Daily news from America delivered by email. The author, Dave Pell, is not a fan of Trump. Highly recommended.

Pitchfork. The original online resource for news, features and views on music. A bit elitist sometimes but to be loved and admired, nonetheless.

Hip Hop DX. An excellent source for news, reviews and features on hip hop.

Jazzwise. Britain’s best jazz title needs your subscription more than ever.

JWRNAL. Inspiration and information on Welsh craft. Indispensable.

Catch and Kill.  Ronan Farrow exposed Harvey Weinstein as a monster and this podcast tells us how. It’s a blockbuster and if you haven’t listened yet, well, you’ve got a treat in store.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? Each episode of this podcast investigates a product or idea in an objective attempt to see if what we’re told is true. There are episodes on CBD oil. vitamin C, collagen. This is pretty good.

The Stoop. This podcast episode from America deals eloquently with race, confusion and progress. Moving and educational, like listening in on something important being said within a family

So, you want to talk about. This is a new find for us and is a great resource. They are dissecting progressive politics and social issues in graphic slideshow form.

Vod. A North Wales institution. Small and passionate. Support this brilliant shop.

Honest John’s Records. Blues, Folk, Jazz, Reggae. Proper experts. Two London shops and online.

Rough Trade Records.  The venerable institution. Excellent online and shops across England, too.

Piccadilly Records. Manchester’s finest and good at mail order, too.

Gal-Dem. An independent online and print publication for sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour. Founded by Liv Little.

Eric Ngalle Charles. Wales based author and storyteller, who sits on the Board of Directors for Literature Wales. 

Independent Black Owned Magazines. This list is published by the African American Literature Book Club.

Slow Journalism. Perspective, intelligent journalism and great infographics.

Refinery 29 UK. A great platform, they are currently offering some great advice on Anti-Racism, and beyond. 

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. One of the most harrowing and important books of the 1800s.

The Atlantic. The best American journalism. Necessary and engaging.

Bustle. Here is a list of active ways to support black business in the UK. 

Watch Africa Cymru is Wales’ Annual African Film Festival celebrating the best of African Cinema for that year. 

The RSA. 21st Century Enlightenment.

The Root Magazine. An online magazine with thought provoking articles on a variety of black perspectives.

Guap. The world’s first video magazine. Creative culture at its most vibrant.

In Our Mad and Furious City.  A brilliant debut novel about life on a housing estate in London. Booker Prize long listed. Highly recommended.

Chester Pride. Friends of the Good Life Experience. Pride 2020 is cancelled but there’s plenty going on.

Lecture in Progress. Has a list of educational resources for supporting The Black Lives Matter movement.

Education Week. Has 15 resources for discussing race, policing and protest in classrooms. 

The Idler. Philosophy, bee keeping, the ukulele and much more. 

Avila.Diana. Greetings card company, representing underrepresented groups and aiming to overcome stereotypes about marginalised people through their products. The founder is helped out by her siblings when they can! 

St Judes. Art, records, books. All original and beautiful. 

An Anti Racist Reading List. Twenty books to educate and enthral. Really, we all need this. 

Print Club London. A huge online collection of original prints. 

Jealous Gallery. From Shrigley to less known artists you will love.

New Beacon Books.  Bookstore & publishing house, based in London. Established by John La Rose & Sarah White in 1966. Currently closed due to COVID-19, you can support them by buying from their online store. 

The Printer’s Devil. Letterpress prints from London with some of the finest social distancing posters anywhere. 

Steve Chapman. Official artist to The Good Life Experience. Posters, original prints and more. 

Basil and Ford. Endlessly creative, witty, cheerful prints and cards, often using vintage items.

Dwira. A fantastic, UK Based, African Skincare and Wellness Brand, 100% Vegan 

Matt Jukes. A master artist with particular focus on horizons. We have worked with him at Glen Dye. 

Callie Jones. Callie creates prints from her studio in North Wales; her work is at once traditional and modern.

Last Pick Athletics Club . LPAC is a social media based fitness collective, started by four individuals who want to change the way that people look at exercise. Running home workouts during lockdown and important, fitness-based resources for Black Lives Matter. 

Anthony Oram. Graphic designer, print maker, artist. 

Hatchards. Venerable bookseller with speedy delivery.

The Windrush Scandal. As eloquently told by Amnesty International. 

Yeadons of Banchory. A fantastic bookshop near Glen Dye. One of many that needs your support.

Black History Month. A brilliant educational resource for every day of the year.

Steady Media. Supporting independent media and creatives. 

Noble Rot. An independent magazine that joins the dots between food, music and wine. Sounds good? Support it!

Wrap Magazine. Illustration and more take the form of a magazine and some great products.

Caught by the River.  Nature, music and beer mix in one of the loveliest and most intelligent forums online. A book shop, too.

Sodajerker Podcast. The best podcast on songwriting, fresh from Liverpool.

Reasons to be Cheerful. Inclusive blogs, ideas and talks hosted by the Shayler family.

Aquila Magazine. A great magazine for children (and adults, too). 

Black Talk Radio. The top ranked black podcast in the world. Wide ranging and available on all podcast platforms. 

Llio James is a weaver and designer of contemporary homeware produced by one of Wales’ oldest working woollen mills.

Kate Gilles. Surface pattern design workshops.  

Standard Practice Studio focus their work on creating community projects across urban parts of Manchester.

Hatchet and Bear. Woodworkers using traditional tools and techniques. 

Island Social Club. Scheduled to join us at The Good Life. Amazing events, projects, food, people. Also in our food section, because they are great!

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