10th June 2020

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Some Good Resources on: Post Lockdown Life

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AAs the end of lockdown is -we hope- in sight, we have been working on some resources to help you, our community, to plan the future. From MOTs, haircuts and masks, to your mental, physical and financial health.

There are a million things that we all need help with as we emerge, blinking, back into the world. Here are some that we hope you’ll find useful.

While we are not medical professionals by any stretch of the imagination, this is what we have found to be helpful on testing and Covid measures going forward. At the time of writing, you should still call 111 if you have any symptoms. 

You can ask for a test:

  • For yourself, if you have coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • For someone you live with, if they have coronavirus symptoms. 

The important thing is that you need to get the test done within 5 days of having symptoms. They cannot guarantee that you will get a test straight away.
You can ask for one here.

This one is close to home for many and has been a struggle throughout lockdown. For those with older parents, it’s hard. You can’t go near your parents, but they may need a lot of help. Even if they are in a home, or have a carer, there are many things to worry about. Firstly, you cannot be tempted to go near them. Even if you are healthy, or think you are, you must keep your distance. 

  • If you leave nearby, help them with their shopping, or bring them little surprises. But wear gloves and leave it on the doorstep. 
  • Call them. Write to them. Check on them. 
  • Most importantly, follow the guidelines and go above and beyond on safety here.

This article here offers some up to date advice.

Here are some things that we have been doing during lockdown, that we think have helped. Everyone is different, and this time has been very hard for many. 

  • Exercise. On your own, or on a zoom group. This has been a game changer during lockdown. 
  • Go outside at least once a day (now that this is allowed!). Even if you are sitting on your doorstep, the sunlight will do you a lot of good.
  •  If you can, do something to help someone else. Not only will it boost them, but you will feel great as a result.
  • Try something new, even if you think you’ll be “bad” at it. It doesn’t matter, just put your mind to it. Our editor at Some Good Ideas has been learning a new hobby, every day.
  • Call a friend or a relative. It’ll lift your spirits more than you realise.

We can personally recommend Better Help.
We can also recommend The Self Space, who are based in London but are currently offering sessions online.

As lockdown eases, your mental health might be affected in many ways. Anxieties that may have eased, might come back. Worries about yourself and those around you might increase. Stresses might return that you have been able to leave behind for a while. 

We have found this great article on mind.co.uk, that has some tips for managing your mental health as lockdown eases. 

And here is one on “re-entry anxiety” that we liked.
“In order to overcome re-entry anxiety, you have to simply find a way to reintegrate yourself into normal life. “My advice is to re-enter slowly and carefully,” says Hekster. “Be prepared for the idea that things will not be quite the same, and anticipate that you might feel disoriented and experience unexpected emotions, such as moodiness or agitation.”

We know there’s mixed messaging, but wearing a mask in public can ease your anxiety and that of those around you. We suggest getting a mask, as soon as you can find or make one. The masks we wear as the public do not need to be medical grade, so please get a reusable one.  

Here are a few people that we have found who are making reusable (not medical grade) masks: 

  • Made by Mole
  • Jerry & Jo / Not on The High Street
  • Patrick Grant – a friend of ours – has started The Big Community Sew. They are helping to ensure that everyone who needs one can get a mask, by encouraging people to make masks for their community. There’s a download link to a pattern for a mask and lots of instructions and guidance. If you have a sewing machine, get making!

This is an open ended discussion, with many stems and many directions. We do not know it all – we are not experts – but a couple of things that we have found are. We did not write and are not affiliated with these articles, but think they are helpful. 

  • If you are a homeowner, at the moment, your mortgage lender is required to consider a three month mortgage holiday. This scheme has just been extended, so if you need it, ask for it.
  • This article on your rights as a tenant or landlord is great, and has lots of links out of it that are also useful. 
  • If you’re renting and need a rent holiday, ask your landlord. If they need to, they could ask for a mortgage holiday to allow your rent holiday. This is obviously massively subject to the personal needs and requirements of tenants/landlords/homeowners but we do know that these things are available. 
  • If you run a small business, this article should be helpful on how, when and what grants you can receive.
  • There is some good information on Universal Credit here.  


We need one, and we are sure you need one. Salon’s may be allowed to open from July the 4th in the UK. More here and some more here. 

It won’t be a normal opening, but these articles shed some light on how it might work. If you can, we would suggest trying to get in touch with your hairdresser and buying a “voucher” for them for a haircut. This means you can have one when they can give one, and supports them with some cash in the meantime. 

Physio, etc.
Treatments such as physiotherapy will most likely be on a case by case basis, and hope to start opening in the coming weeks/month. Get in touch with a treatment centre if you need to, and see if they are open and running certain treatments. 

In England, dentists are allowed to open now, but not all of them have. More information on this here.
Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland are currently waiting for more news on the dates for dentists opening. 

Emergency vets are open, as they have been for the lockdown. Vets seem to be starting to open for more routine practices. This varies on a practice by practice basis, so call your local vets if you are due something for your pet. 

If your MOT was due on or after 30th March 2020, you have an extension for 6 months and can continue to drive, as long as the vehicle is safe. More here.



Our Hawarden businesses use HR Dept Trafford & Warrington they can also offer ad hoc advice as well as a monthly retainer. Personalised service for your business issues.  

Free resource for any HR issues for both employer and employee. 

Citizens Advice give great, free regional resources for employers and employees. 

Food Made Good gives free hospitality advice and support with a focus on sustainability.

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