3rd July 2020

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Rosebay willowherb and Red Clover Honey

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Rosebay willowherb and Red Clover Honey

Cooks in: 10 mins and overnight

Difficulty: Easy


500ml water
650g sugar
1 pint full of red clover flowers
1 pint of rosebay willow herb flowers


There has been a flurry of folk making dandelion honey this year, which is fantastic. It is worth knowing that you can make vegan flower-based honey from other flowers too. Dandelion and red clover lend themselves well to honey as they contain so much pollen.


1. Add the sugar and water together in a pan and bring to a rolling boil for about 10 minutes.

2. Then add all the flowers and allow to steep overnight.

3. The next morning strain the mixture and pour into sterilised jars and label.

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Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd is a Medical Herbalist and Forager, based in the heart of Cairngorm National Park in Scotland. Natasha has been teaching foraging and herbalism for over 15 years through guided walks, talks and workshops.

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