7th August 2020

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Recipe: The Drinks Master, Sandy Kenneway’s Fermented Peach Cordial Beer-Lini

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Recipe: The Drinks Master, Sandy Kenneway’s Fermented Peach Cordial Beer-Lini

Serves: 1

Cooks in: 5-7 days

Difficulty: Medium


25ml Fermented Peach Cordial
75ml Chilled Soda Water
100ml Chilled Torr Mountain Lager
Build in a highball glass and stir gently.


The humble shandy is probably the first cocktail you ever had. Simple, delightful and refreshing on any Summers day. Reinvented here with the addition of a fermented peach cordial, combining the crisp, clean flavours of lager with funky fruit notes which move the drink towards the cocktail classic that is a Bellini.


1. Cut 1 & ½ peaches (the riper the better) into quarters and add, stone and all to a Kilner jar.

2. Top up with water, leaving around 5cm headspace.

3. Add 3g of brewer’s yeast, and cover with muslin secured by an elastic band.

4. Place the jar in a warm, dry place for 5-7 days.

5. Start to taste it daily and once you notice a reduction in sweetness and just a hint of vinegar strain with a coffee filter and discard (or compost) the solids.

6. Weigh the strained juice and add 70% of this weight in caster sugar.

7. Stir until the sugar has all dissolved and add Malic acid (bought from your local homebrew store, or Amazon). Do this slowly and in tiny amounts, tasting until you are happy with the taste and bottle.

8. This can now be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

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Sandy Kenneway

Sandy Kenneway has around 25 years of experience in the world of quality drinks, from managing Scotland’s largest wine shop to helping with the opening of Harvey Nicols in Edinburgh and striking out with his own businesses 10 years ago. Sandy is passionate about promoting Scotland’s amazing whiskies - with gins, cocktails, rums, beers and all other things fermented close behind. Sandy hosts fun, informative tasting events across Britain, including the hugely popular ones at Camp Glen Dye and The Good Life Experience.

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