7th April 2020

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Life as a Herbalist by Harriet Coleman

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Harriet Coleman was working as an international model when she realised she yearned for a more sustainable life. Aware of the harmful impact her career had on the planet -which flew her around the world- Harriet left her job to learn from the leading herbalists. Here she explains her unconventional path to herbalism.

As a herbalist, it is fundamental to understand the language of nature. Seasons are the voice of the land that surrounds us. Like a cyclical rhythm, nature repeats every year, like a natural calendar that ebbs and flows with a vast abundance of biodiversity. Synergising with our native environment and living seasonally encourages me to embody our world biodynamically and attune my senses with the limitless potential that nature holds for our wellbeing.

Herbalism for me isn’t just an occupation. It’s a lived philosophy, a legacy and a torch of valuable wisdom that I proudly carry with me every day. I practice my craft by being of service to people; sharing an alternative approach in natural medicine and encouraging my clients to introduce ancient plant remedies to enhance their health. I focus on the positives of plant medicine and prevention, rather than cure.

Alongside consultancy, I host seasonal herbal workshops, passing down the teachings from the renowned herbalists who taught me. We are living in a pivotal time when it comes to the environment. By teaching herbalism and demonstrating how to live life more sustainably I hopefully influence people to live their lives more consciously.

Before becoming a Herbalist, I was scouted by a leading modelling agency and worked internationally, travelling the globe and residing in London, New York and Asia. After working in the fashion industry for a decade, I received a true insight on how impactful the modelling world can be on the environment and our wellbeing. I started to lose my passion for modelling and realised that my career had taken its toll and I was ready to embark on something new and far more sustainable.

I have always had a deep fascination with the great outdoors. I have many memories as a young child of spending endless hours outside amongst the hedgerows, engaging my senses and creating a personal bond between myself and the plant kingdom. Rediscovering my love for all things natural, I enrolled with the country’s leading herbalist and soon realised that herbalism was my true calling. Just like the seasons, I believe that we go through phases, with life working cyclically.

For me, delving into herbalism was the return to my real purpose in life.

Harriet Coleman

Now I have the privilege to work with medicinal plants every day, supporting our herbal heritage; whether that be working in my apothecary, maintaining my herb garden or hosting workshops and connecting people back to the heart of nature.

I am also the founder of the plant based self care brand, West Apothecary. We specialise in creating daily essentials, every product is carefully prepared and enriched with nourishing properties. West Apothecary provides you with a direct link to nature.

As for the future, I am in the process of writing my first book where I will be sharing many homemade remedies, recipes and natural lifestyle tips. More collaborations with brands and individuals who share the same enthusiasm for our natural world, and of course teaching at events are all in the pipeline. Herbalism will always be my path of heart.

Introducing herbs into your life is extremely beneficial in a number of ways; they can detoxify, balance, rejuvenate, energise and calm, just to name a few. Here is a simple but extremely effective way to receive their goodness.

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Harriet Coleman

Harriet was an international model, working in the fast paced fashion world for over 10 years. She yearned for a more sustainable lifestyle and a slower way of living. So she turned her career towards becoming a herbalist. Harriet has a deep understanding of the plant world that enables her to utilise botanical combinations for their effective results. From the ancient art of Herbalism to contemporary interest in conscious living, Harriet created West Apothecary to provide a direct link to a more natural world.

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