25th September 2020

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Introducing Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Paul Farrell. An Original Interview with Some Good Ideas.

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I have come to realise recently
that most of my ideas,
if not all, come from my childhood
growing up in the 70s.

Paul Farrell

Some Good Ideas: Hi Paul, how are you and who are you?

Paul Farrel: I’m fine thank you. I’m a designer and illustrator based in my hometown of Bristol. In 2009 I became self employed after 30 years as a graphic designer in London. I am now a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a bit of publishing and printmaking the side.

SGI: What have you done today to make you feel good?

PF: I sat on an old wooden step to a shed in my parents’ allotment and spotted over 10 species of birds in the early autumn light as the sun rose between two tall ash trees. It really was a case of sitting still and nature comes to you. A pair of greater spotted woodpeckers and a feeding flock of long-tailed tits were highlights.

SGI: How would you describe your style?

PF: Bold, geometric, graphic and full of shape and colour.

SGI: Where do your ideas come from?

PF: I have come to realise recently that most of my ideas, if not all, come from my childhood growing up in the 70s and in particular visiting toyshops and the home. Most toys were primary coloured and interior design was all about pattern and bold colour. The brief I set myself is to illustrate in the simplest way possible. The subject is reduced to simple shape and colour.

SGI: What’s something which you’ve worked on recently that you are particularly proud of?

PF: Build a Skyscraper is a boxed set of slotted illustrated cards that slot together to build a skyscraper or many different kinds of a skyscraper. Published by Pavilion Books, London the entire design has naturally been inspired by the simple card games and puzzles if my youth. The biggest compliment is that they remind people of these toys from the 70s.

SGI: What is something you have learnt recently?

PF: Never accept instruction and feedback as final – if you strongly believe or disagree- your opinion is valid, then be heard. Most times you will earn respect.

SGI: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing?

PF: Two options – a dry stone waller or a coastal ranger in Pembroke.

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Paul Farrell

The world of illustrator and graphic designer, Paul Farrell, is filled with shape and colour, inspired by 70s pop culture and the graphic arts. His bold, graphic style translates his every day into imagery that is simple, colourful and playful. The brief to himself each time is to reduce and simplify, yet still to communicate the subject. Paul is also a printmaker, brand designer and author, based in his hometown of Bristol.

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