14th May 2020

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India Price is Right: Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

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No, I haven’t learnt a new language or discovered a love of baking. But I have learnt to love three very simple and very important things.


I’m a self-confessed exercise addict – or I used to be. I still am, kind of, but I can’t go to the gym anymore so instead, I’ve been doing the one thing I’ve often neglected: walking. I live a relatively fast-paced life in London, which means that I rarely get time to actually walk without much purpose. Almost always, I’m walking to get to something or someone. Over the last seven weeks, though, I’ve either been starting or ending every day with a 5km loop and I’ve really noticed how much I crave it on days that I miss it. Sometimes, I listen to a podcast, sometimes my husband comes with me and sometimes I go without anything and truly switch off for an hour. It sounds simple, but it works wonders. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the countryside or the city or how busy you think you are. If you’re lucky enough to be able to put one foot in front of the other, do it. 


Meditation (in the morning)

I’ve been a semi-regular meditator for about 2 years and a pretty serious one for about a year. But recently, I feel as if I’ve crossed a threshold to the point where I genuinely notice a difference on the days that I meditate and the days that I don’t. I’m extremely anxious naturally, so I’ve seen the true value in actively choosing to take a timeout from my own thoughts. I recently listened to a podcast where the host said, ‘if you don’t have 10 minutes to yourself, you’re living your life wrong,’ and that struck something within me. In the past, I’ve thought I’m too busy to meditate, so I’ve normally always done it in bed before I go to sleep. The issue is that I’m often too tired to really focus on my breath and letting go of the day. So instead, I’ve switched it up and I do 5 minutes at a minimum every morning using a free app called Insight Timer. It has thousands of meditations from thousands of teachers for everything from less than 5 minutes to over an hour. And if you don’t want an app, just try sitting in silence, with your eyes closed and focus on your breath for 10 minutes every morning. I promise it helps. 

Proper conversations

I’m part of the generation where everything gets done on a phone and mostly always, through a message. Rarely do people pick up the phone and if they do, it’s the pass the time while they’re doing something else. And while lockdown has separated me from my entire family and all of my friends (all of whom I miss beyond belief), it’s also taught me the value of a proper conversation, of calling someone just to talk to them rather than because it’s filling a void. I’ve learnt that a 10 minute phone call is much more fulfilling and exciting than a 20 minute Whatsapp exchange. It sounds simple, but I feel really grateful for this and for learning to use my phone in a constructive way. Beyond technology, I’ve connected even further with my husband than I thought possible. I’ve known him for over half of my life but we’ve never spent the amount of time together that we have now. We can be like ships in the night usually, so this time together has really forced us to have proper, solid conversations at every meal time, on every walk, during every sunbathing session. And it’s been wonderful. In some ways, I’m really going to miss this time.

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India Price

India Price, eldest daughter of Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, is a freelance editor, writer and digital strategist, specialising in fashion and lifestyle. Her clients include The Gloss, ASOS, John Lewis & Partners, Sir Plus, Next, Hackett and more. She is also an Associate Lecturer at London College of Fashion, tutoring 2nd and 3rd year students across various units in BA (hons) Fashion Journalism.

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