17th July 2020

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India Price is Right about: Meditation

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OOur weekly columnist, India Price, is an editor, writer and digital strategist specialising in fashion and lifestyle. Here she discusses why it's a good idea to meditate.

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in past columns but today I want to dig a little deeper into meditation, why I love it and why I truly believe that it’s something we could all benefit from. Here goes…

We live in a stressful world – that much is true. No matter what hand life has dealt us, we all have pressures. And while some might argue that this is a much too simplistic a way of viewing things, I’ve come to believe that it’s how you deal with those pressures and handle the heaviness of them that really matters. The problem is, we all want to complicate things. We need a specialist to solve it, medication to really get to the bottom of it, years of help to undo what’s being done to us. And while yes, I agree that sometimes it only really is the medication or the specialist that’ll actually make a difference, I think there are several steps that we could all benefit from taking before we get there.

For those that don’t know me, I’ve suffered my fair share of anxiety for the majority of my life and I definitely feel it more the older I get. Sometimes, I can’t understand why I feel the way I feel and other times, I can single out an exact reason why my heart is pounding a million miles a minute on a specific day. Of course, anxiety is complicated. There are many, deep-rooted reasons why I get anxious about certain things and a lot of them definitely aren’t simple enough to fully cure with meditation, but what I can tell you is this: meditation helps. I’m not the only one who thinks so: it’s been proven time and time again to help reduce stress and anxiety in even the most stressed out and anxious of us.

The issue, I think, that a lot of people have with the simple act of meditation is that it has too many complexities and too many connotations attached to it. People think it’s difficult, it’s weird, it’s for hippies, that they don’t need it. But if you’re sitting and breathing in silence with no distractions, you’re meditating. It’s not hard but I can see why it’s perceived as such. Marketeers love something to sell and meditation is no exception but, in my mind, you don’t need an app, a playlist or a meditation cushion to make it work. These things can help, yes, but they aren’t necessary. Meditation is one of the last free things that we can do for ourselves. You don’t need a mantra, you don’t need yoga clothes, you don’t need a teacher.

Like all good things, meditation takes commitment and consistency.

India Price

Like all good things, meditation takes commitment and consistency. I’m still not at a point where I do it every single day without fail but I can promise you that I notice the biggest difference in my overall mindset and mood when I carve out just 10 minutes to do it. I’ve tried everything, too: Headspace, YouTube meditations, Spotify playlists – none of which I loved enough to be consistent with. Over lockdown, though, I experimented with actually just sitting down for 10 minutes every morning in silence and focussing on my breath. And it’s wonderful. There’s a preconceived notion that in order to meditate properly, you’re meant to not have any thoughts. But it’s actually the opposite: it’s about having those thoughts and acknowledging them and then letting go of them and coming back to your breath. It takes practice and I’m definitely not perfect at it but I’m trying, and I really, truly think you should too. Stress is one of the biggest killers in human beings and while mediation might not have every single answer, it can sure as hell help us all on the right path. So if I leave you with one thing, it’s to please try meditating. No one is too busy or too important to not have 10 minutes to themselves every day and using these 10 minutes properly could significantly increase the quality of your life – so why not give it a go?

Let me know how you get on but dropping me a line on @indiapricewrites and if you’re a total newbie, I can’t recommend the app Insight Timer more. It’s free (or you can pay for courses) and they have thousands of teachers and techniques on there for every kind of scenario or meditation.

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India Price

India Price, eldest daughter of Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, is a freelance editor, writer and digital strategist, specialising in fashion and lifestyle. Her clients include The Gloss, ASOS, John Lewis & Partners, Sir Plus, Next, Hackett and more. She is also an Associate Lecturer at London College of Fashion, tutoring 2nd and 3rd year students across various units in BA (hons) Fashion Journalism.

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