19th June 2020

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How To: Make The Perfect Camp At Home

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IIf the last few months has taught us anything it is that we can be masters of resourcefulness without ever needing to leave our own homes! If you had grand plans for big camping expeditions this summer which are now looking a little unlikely, then why not create your own camp at home? These top tips from Jamie and Sheena Corry at the Wild Bushcraft Company have been tried and tested at their own camp, The Forge, and are easy to recreate in your own back garden…


First you need to create yourself a good old-fashioned den. If you are lucky enough to have your own tent or hammock then set this up, otherwise you can tie a piece of rope across the garden (or use your washing line if you have one), throw over an old sheet or blanket and peg out the bottom with a few heavy stones. Instant tent! Now dig out your sleeping bag or some old duvets, a torch and a pillow and crawl inside your own special outdoor space. Solar fairy lights or some tea lights in storm lanterns will make it even more magical!


The heart of any camp is its campfire and you too can recreate this safely in your own garden. Be sure to clear a bare patch of earth well away from anything flammable – you could even gather a few stones to mark out your fire site. Gather a few handfuls of dead wood sticks – in matchstick, pencil and thumb thickness. If you happen to own a fire steel, you can use a bit of cotton wool from the bathroom and fluff this up to create the perfect tinder to spark into – or peel a little bark from a birch tree if you have one nearby (pro tip: it contains secret oils which are perfect for getting a fire going). Once you have sparked your tinder you can add the handfuls of sticks, starting with the smallest first in a V shape. Don’t be tempted to poke around with your fire too much, and let it get established before you add lots of sticks on top.


Toasting marshmallows is the quintessential campfire activity and you don’t need a big fire to do this. If you are feeling particularly indulgent, sandwich your toasted marshmallow between two biscuits and make a ‘smore’… our personal favourites are made using chocolate hobnobs! And for the more adventurous among you, why not try your hand at bannock bread cooked on a stick over the fire. Simply mix two handfuls of self-raising flour with a handful of milk powder and enough water to make a dough. Roll into a sausage shape and then wrap around your stick evenly – you can even use clean garden canes or broom handles for this. Now slowly cook over the fire for about 20 minutes, turning constantly until the dough is a deep brown colour and sounds hollow when tapped. Slide it off the end of the stick and enjoy – we like to pop a grilled sausage in the hole, or you can even add a banana and chocolate chips. Delicious!

And of course, the real magic of camping happens once the sun has gone down, and you can snuggle up under a blanket around your own campfire with a warming mug of hot chocolate to watch the stars come out. This is also the best time of day to listen and watch out for our nocturnal friends, the owls and the bats, flying around at dusk. A truly magical experience, wherever you may be!

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The Forge and The Wild Bushcraft Company

Sheena and Jamie Corry are the couple behind the Wild Bushcraft Company and The Forge, a unique combination offering both bushcraft activities and luxury glamping accommodation in the heart of beautiful North Wales. As well as the usual luxury camping facilities, guests are encouraged to engage in a wide range of bushcraft activities, ranging from lighting their own campfires to wild food foraging and star gazing, all with the aim of helping people step off from the modern world and find a deeper level of relaxation and purpose. Jamie has over 20 years’ experience working in the outdoors as a countryside ranger, deerstalker and bushcraft instructor and is passionate about wild, sustainable food. Sheena combines her love of the great outdoors with a corporate career in Diversity and Inclusion and loves to see the benefits that nature and being out in the wild can have for people’s mental health and wellbeing.

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