8th May 2020

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How to Change and Why You Must with Charlie Gladstone

5 9 mins 15

CCharlie Gladstone, co-founder of Some Good Ideas, discusses change as a vital part of business. In these short videos he raises a number of ideas to help you as an individual, or indeed as a team, embrace change and avoid inertia.

Over the course of the series Charlie will outline the lessons he's learned over 30 years at the helm of a range of small businesses.

Inertia is slow death.

Charlie Gladstone

There is no such thing as a finite position for business.

Charlie Gladstone

Out of the ashes of disaster comes something really special.

Charlie Gladstone

Be bold, act now, do it!

Charlie Gladstone

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Charlie Gladstone

Charlie Gladstone and his wife Caroline, are the founders of The Good Life Society (The Good Life Experience, Camp Glen Dye, Camp Hawarden and Some Good Ideas), Pedlars, Hawarden Estate Farm Shops, Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages, The Glynne Arms and more. Throughout all their businesses, Charlie champions integrity and sustainability.

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