21st August 2020

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Good Food Producers, Product Spotlight: 9 Meals From Anarchy

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DDuring lockdown, the Hawarden Estate Farm Shop has had a complete transformation. It has always held provenance, quality and authenticity close to its heart, and now even more so. Each product sold within the Farm Shop is chosen for its unequivocal stance towards sustainability. The team (our team) know every maker and producer directly and support local businesses. We’re spotlighting the good food producers stocked at the Farm Shop and ask them questions about their product. Here are 9 Meals From Anarchy.

Some Good Ideas: Please introduce yourself and your product?

9 Meals From Anarchy: Tom Whitley. Co-Founder of 9 Meals From Anarchy, a company built to make better food products than are currently available. Our first range is a vegetable stock made with real vegetables. Plus, using half the salt of most stocks available. Sugar free, gluten free, palm oil free, vegan, and organic.

SGI: How did you come to make veg stock?

9 Meals From Anarchy: We revived an old market garden and rather predictably ended up with huge gluts of veg. When we looked at how little actual veg was in a lot of the stocks available (and what the other ingredients were) we figured we should try and do better. 

SGI: What do you love most about your veg stock?

9 Meals From Anarchy: Got to be the taste and ease of use.

SGI: What has been the biggest challenge to bringing your product to the market and how have you overcome that/what are you doing to try to overcome that?

9 Meals From Anarchy: Having no money for marketing. So, we focused on what makes people pick a product up from a shelf and tried to use our name and label to stand out.

SGI: If you had to use your stock in one dish or recipe, what would it be?

9 Meals From Anarchy: That’s like having to choose a favourite child! In the winter it’s soups and stews, in the summer is risottos, hummus, or potatoes boulangère.  There are quick and easy recipes on our website that shows a few of the things we like the best. 

SGI: What does quality mean to you? 

9 Meals From Anarchy: That there is substance beneath the style.

SGI: What is the secret ingredient? 

9 Meals From Anarchy: Errr, veg stock.

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9 Meals From Anarchy

Original Veg Stock made with over 75% vegetables; sugar free, palm oil free, gluten free, organic, vegan, made with half the salt of a typical veg stock and zero plastic packagings. Veg stock made mostly with veg shouldn't be the exception but somehow it seems to be the case.

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