15th May 2020

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Elderflower Cordial

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Elderflower Cordial

Serves: Makes 3 litres

Cooks in: 2 days

Difficulty: Easy


Eight or so elderflower flower fronds
1 kilo of sugar - or to your taste, but the less you put in the shorter the shelf life of the cordial.
3 litres of water
Juice of two lemons added for taste and also for the preserving qualities of vitamin C.


It will last about six months – if you haven’t used it by then. This is the recipe I enjoy making but play around and see what you prefer in terms of taste. The cordial can be added as a drizzle for pancakes, ice cream and cakes. It can also be made into sorbet and ice cream.


1. Settle, get comfortable and relax. Put on the radio, a playlist or a podcast: removing the flowers takes time. I use the flowers fresh, so they take longer to prepare but it means they still have their natural yeast. Use a fork to remove the flowers from the stem. It’s easier if you settle into this as part of the process, slow down and enjoy it. It’s slow gratification.

2. Once you’ve removed the flowers, add them and the water to a pan. Leave them overnight to infuse in the water. A cold infusion makes a better tasting cordial.

3. The next day, add the sugar and bring it to a low boil or just enough to dissolve the sugar.

4. Let it cool and then add the lemon juice.

5. Pour into sterilised bottles and store in the fridge.

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Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd is a Medical Herbalist and Forager, based in the heart of Cairngorm National Park in Scotland. Natasha has been teaching foraging and herbalism for over 15 years through guided walks, talks and workshops.

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