19th June 2020

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Brined Tomatoes by George Blower

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Brined Tomatoes by George Blower

Cooks in: 20 mins

Difficulty: Easy




Brined tomatoes go great with whipped white beans or tahini, just as they do with soft cheese and fresh herbs. At Silo we’d serve them with homemade ricotta, elderflower vinegar and a seasonal herb oil, such as lemon verbena or fig leaf.
If you start the process around midday, they’ll easily be ready by the time you come to eat dinner.


1. First, blanch and shock your tomatoes to remove their skins. They really need no time at all in the simmering water. Too long and they’ll become waterlogged and lose their pleasing ‘pop’ when brined. a. Bring a large pan of water to the boil and close by, prepare an ice bath in another bowl. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer.b. Make a small incision at the base of each tomato, and when they’re all cut place them in batches into your simmering water.c. Simmer until the skins begin to split. It can take as little as a few seconds. Transfer immediately to the ice bath until cooled and then peel off the skin.

2. Place a glass jar onto a set of scales and tare/zero them off. Add in your peeled tomatoes, and top with water. Record the total weight.

3. Strain off the water into a bowl, and add 2% of the total weight recorded in salt and whisk to combine. Pour this back over the tomatoes, and place in the fridge for 3-6 hours.

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George Blower

Leith-trained George Blower started his culinary career learning the ropes from eco-chef Tom Hunt with seasonal, minimal waste cuisine at Poco. Then, after some time with Nuno Mendes at Taberna Do Mercado and Origin Coffee, George created his ever-growing supper club, Blower’s Place, offering a seven-course vegan-by-default tasting menu for 30 guests roughly every 8 weeks. Alongside founding Blower's Place, George is also a chef at award-winning zero waste restaurant, Silo, in Hackney Wick.

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