24th July 2020

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Bluwave Ltd Printers: An Original Interview with Some Good Ideas

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BBluwave Ltd is an independent printing company based in Peckham, a short distance from our London office where four of the Good Life Society team reside. They're a small business who value quality, honesty and good communication.
Since our first meeting -at the end of last year- we've worked with them on numerous projects, including printing Glen Dye's Memento book, The Walled Garden Farmers Market flyers, thousands of our lockdown inspired, Daily News posters and much more. Here we discuss the power of print and the value of independent businesses.

Some Good Ideas: Hi Bluwave team, could you introduce your company to our readers?

Bluwave Ltd: Bluwave Ltd was founded by Eric Dellavale and Richard McPherson in September 2003. Richard previously set up a print/design freelance business with a list of solid blue-chip accounts, which he had been servicing. Eric also had a list of high level accounts along with a small plant of print production machinery and the pair soon began to work together.

The early years were characterised by hard work, long hours and heroic levels of multitasking by Richard and Eric. The result was that Bluwave soon outgrew its original footprint. As a close team, the business grew to phenomenal strength and the portfolio of printing and finishing equipment expanded, so Bluwave moved into a new, much larger factory.

The next phase of our development was crucial: entering the digital realm. This advance was to take place on two fronts, both our print production and our sales platform. We acquired our first digital press in 2004, and in the same year, became pioneers in the early digital print market.

This progressive and committed move became a one stop shop solution.

The early years were characterised by hard work, long hours and heroic levels of multitasking by Richard and Eric.

Bluewave Ltd.

SGI: Describe a really GOOD day at work? 

Bluwave Ltd: A perfect day at work is when we know that we have made a contribution to make our team achieve our goals for the day, both operational and financial.

SGI: You have spent a long time sourcing the perfect recycled paper for us, what made you pick this paper stock? Can you give us some background of this paper merchant?

Bluwave Ltd: We find ourselves thinking more and more about how we impact the planet we live on. So, our commercial paper stock is all FSC certified, ensuring they meet the highest environmental and social standards for paper production. We researched recycled paper, looking for efficiency and saving on natural resources but also providing the right texture and colours to meet the needs of our clients.

We source our paper from Bizzell Paper Company, who, like us, are based in South East London. They’re a family run, independent paper merchant and also we use Antalis U.K., who have a large range of consistently high quality paper and packaging. Both take responsibility and act responsibly in the economic, social and environmental concerns of their paper production and distribution.

SGI: What values are integral to your business? Does this shape the way you work with customers? 

Bluwave Ltd:
To gain and retain the trust of our clients by listening to their needs. We are honest with them and have the confidence in our ability to make a difference to their marketing materials and their businesses.
Be the very best we can, every day. Always improve and deliver on our promises, ensuring the quality of our work is consistently a very highest standard.
We are trusted print professionals and we help create open and honest conversations. We understand that one solution does not fit all and through taking time to understand you and your business, we will ensure we offer commercially-focused solutions.
Agile and Responsiveness.
The main aim is seeking to always exceed expectations. Furthermore, as a small business ourselves, we recognise the need to be flexible, respond quickly, think differently and provide practical, bespoke solutions.
Personal Development.
We have drive and ambition to continually develop our skills to the benefit of our clients. We aim to create an environment where knowledge sharing is encouraged.

SGI: In your opinion, why should creative teams/people work with local printers like Bluwave rather than the online printing giants? 

Bluwave Ltd: As a local printer we allow for greater accountability, autonomy, and flexibility, both in terms of scheduling and ideas. Having one-to-one contact means that we foster greater trust among our clients. We are great listeners and offer strong attention to detail. We also tend to go the extra mile.

SGI: Do you think printed marketing collateral (flyers, posters, business cards) are becoming ever more impactful as digital marketing evolves?

Bluwave Ltd: In today’s digitised, inter-connected world, it’s all too easy to send a text or an email to someone and forget about it. Whether it’s an e-card for a birthday or a PDF brochure for a prospective client, digital content is efficient and convenient. But, as any library lover will tell you, there’s just no replacement for the printed word. It lasts in your memory for longer.

Because printing is more expensive, printed materials carry more authority and credibility than they did before – because someone took the effort to produce them for you.

Bluewave Ltd.

Now that so many things are shared digitally, print stands out. Well-placed printed materials can grab attention for your business, so they’re a boom to your marketing. Because printing is more expensive, printed materials carry more authority and credibility than they did before – because someone took the effort to produce them for you.

SGI: Thank you Bluwave, we love working with you.

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Bluwave Ltd Printers

Bluwave Limited provide professional quality printing and print design. Based in South East London, Peckham, they have been involved in professional printing for more than 15 years.

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