Good Craft

From mindless consumption to enforced austerity, the past few years has seen us retreat to our old values and fashions. We’ve found ourselves looking for honest and straightforward products. Millions of us are now returning to craft a as source of solace and comfort. We want to make and consume things that are driven by passion and purpose. And we want to know the name of the person that sold it to us.

The Great Outdoors

A true connection to the natural world cannot be underestimated. Returning to, and spending more time in, The Great Outdoors helps us form new ideas unlike anywhere else. It is a resource too often overlooked or undervalued. You’ll find many of our Good Ideas have their roots in The Great Outdoors, should you do a little digging.

Why we do what we do.

Some Good Ideas was born on Day 19 of a nation-wide lockdown. If you're reading these words you've found a safe space of creativity, community and support. We built this thing for the love of it.

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Some Good Ideas
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