Henrietta Inman

Henrietta Inman

Henrietta Inman is a pastry chef, author and cookery teacher promoting seasonal, local and sustainable cooking. After gaining a distinction in the Professional Pâtisserie Scholarship at Westminster Kingsway College, she worked in a number of award-winning kitchens including Heinz Beck’s Michelin-starred Apsley’s formerly at The Lanesborough Hotel, and for Skye Gyngell. Henrietta grew up in Suffolk, understanding the importance of local and seasonal food from a young age. More recently, she had a popular one-year residency at Yardarm, London and then went on to opening Stoney Street as head chef. At both restaurants she has strived to create a community between chefs and farmers, giving the farmers an identity and ensuring the customers know where their food is coming from. With her cooking foundation in pâtisserie, she has particularly become known for delicious baking with heritage and whole grains such as einkorn and YQ wheat from Wakelyn’s agroforestry farm in Suffolk.

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