WELCOME! Seriously, welcome. This is a website for ideas. Ideas that come from experts, whatever form those experts take. We want it to be inspiring, fun, educational, maybe even controversial. We want it to be human; by real people for real people.

We want it to be full of original stories, art and culture. We want it to help you learn things, to discover new stuff and rediscover ideas you’d forgotten. We want to encourage new hobbies, new friendships, new relationships with nature and food and culture.

We want it act as a focal point for the community we have become a part of through our festival The Good Life Experience and our residential Camps at Glen Dye and Hawarden. If you’ve been to any of these then this is a place to visit when we’re not all physically together. If you haven’t been to any of these then you’re also very welcome here; have a look around, we hope you’ll find plenty to engage you.

This is not a commercial website. It is entirely funded by The Good Life Experience and Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages. There are links to tickets for our events but there’s nothing for sale here.

The views here are those of experts in all fields; craft, nature, music, food, sustainability, literature, family and endless other things. Some pieces are written by journalists, but most contributors are not professional journalists; these are real voices of real people with real interests. This makes us different.

We want this to be a conversation. So, get in touch; send us your ideas. Some Good Ideas is only as good as the stuff we all contribute. Join in!

Charlie Gladstone. Caroline Gladstone. Founders.
Jimmy Sandison. Editor.

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